Current Gaming Trends

Current Gaming Trends
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The gaming industry is expanding vastly due to the greater demands of gamers. This has led to increased competition, with industry influencers leading the change to usher in new ideas. Over the past couple of years, the industry has seen quite a number of new developments, innovations, and technology that capture players’ imagination. Here’s a look at some of the gaming trends that are currently taking over.

Diversity and Inclusion

With the hope to attract a broader audience, game developers are focusing more and more on diversity and inclusion. From the inclusion of LGBT characters to the increased number of women in the hero’s seat, not to mention, the Xbox’s Adaptive Controller for players with reduced mobility and games that focus more on real life issues such as mental illness, the industry has surely grown a lot. This trend could become even more widespread as all sectors of the entertainment industries move towards equality.

Battle Royale

Battle royale based games is the hottest topic around. More and more gaming companies are adding battle royale modes in their titles. After the release of Epic Games’ Fortnite, these games have gained massive traction predominantly due to their immersive last-man-standing gameplay, as well as pitch-perfect survival challenges.

Online Casinos

Today, millions of players log on to an online casino to play, have fun, and win some real cash. The number one reason is convenience as players can access a wide variety of casino games anywhere, anytime. Most online casinos also have live dealer actions for those looking to recreate the effects of a land-based casino.


Gone are the days when video games were only available on gaming consoles and PCs. More and more consumers want their technology with them whenever and wherever. With the increased demand for mobility, advancements of technology have given rise to the Mobile Gamers. Plus, smartphones are getting smarter with each passing day, and can now support high-definition games that are available on other platforms.

Augmented Reality

In previous years, Virtual Reality (VR) was thought to be the next big thing. Though it may seem promising, we’ve got to admit that Augmented Reality (AR) has proven to be more favorable. This is mainly due to the ease of adoption. Although AR requires an expensive device to function –a smartphone, most of us already have it, meaning there’s really not much to adopt.

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