The Incredible Growth of the Online Gaming Industry

The Incredible Growth of the Online Gaming Industry
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The online gaming sector has existed in one form or another since the Internet was first born in the 1990s. Much like the technology behind this global network, the ways in which the online gaming sector has evolved cannot be overstated. We have now entered into an era defined by virtual reality, massive multiplayer playing arenas and graphics that mimic real-life scenarios. Still, there are certain sectors which have grown faster than others. What are some of the most popular genres and what does each have in store?

Role-Playing Games

Otherwise known as “RPGs”, role-playing games have taken on a life of their own in recent times. Players can fully customise their characters and it is common to team up with other competitors from around the world. One of the most appealing aspects of this genre is its decidedly social flavour. Not only is the gameplay impressive, but it is often possible to make a few virtual friends along the way.

Multiplayer Platforms

It should come as no surprise that multiplayer games have made our list. Whether referring to first-person shooters or those associated with online wagering, these games now appeal to a truly global audience. There are several reasons behind this observation. Not only can split-second decisions be made thanks to high-speed Internet, but it is now possible to interact with competitors within a real-time scenario (such as when participating in a hand of poker).

Hidden Object Games

These point-and-click games are popular due to their simplicity. A download is not normally required; another benefit for those who are concerned about hard drive issues. Hidden object games are ideally suited for any age and they can be played at one’s leisure. These are only three of the numerous gaming genres currently available online. As this industry continues to grow, we should expect to enjoy an even more interesting selection in the future.

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